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My Services:


-Sunday 8am-6pm

(Not Lexington area)

​-Monday 8am-6pm​

(Not Lexington area)

Tuesday-Saturday 6:15pm​


Please note the listed times are when the job would begin. It generally takes about 1-2 hours to complete a job.

-I come to your provided address, generally this would be your house. I clean your car, inside and out. Below is an incomplete list of what I do. 


-Vacuum (thorough)

-Glass cleaning

-General cleaning

-Leather treatment

-Mat cleaning

-Minor stain treatment



-RainX for windshield

Car and SUV: $180-$240

Vans and 3 row SUV: $280-$320

-This pricing covers most circumstances. 

- There could be an additional charge based on location. I generally serve Lexington, Concord, Maynard, and Stow.

Information Needed:

-Provide your address

-Provide your car type

-Give me some idea of condition so I can prepare.

​-Refer to my availability schedule. If possible, give me a few different times that work for you. I will pick one.

What I Need From You:

-A nearby electrical outlet

(I have 75 feet of extension cord)

-An outdoor water spigot.

(I have a 50 foot hose).

Disclaimers and information:

-A dirty car is part of the job, but I will deny health hazards. Things like mold and excessive mouse droppings are off the table.

-I accept multiple forms of payment, but cash is preferred. I decide when the job is finished, and that is when I require payment. is my email if you have any questions.

-My business is designed to serve customers who use their vehicle for everyday life. If you are expecting a level of detailing meant for a car show, my services are not right for you. 

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