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My Services:

Are my services
right for you?

What I need from you:

-I come to your provided address, generally this would be your house. I clean your car, inside and out. Below is an incomplete list of what I do. 


-Vacuum (thorough)

-Glass cleaning

-General cleaning

-Leather treatment

-Mat cleaning



-Hydrophobic solutions for your windshield

-If you want a car that is clean for practical everyday purposes.

-Parents who do not have the time or patience to wait at a detailer and want the area that they and their kids sit clean. 

-Anyone who appreciates the convenience of a clean car without leaving their home or inconveniencing themselves.

-If you want to maintain your cars cleanliness and create a low stress environment for when the season changes. A spring or summer clean and a fall clean is generally recommended.  

-I am NOT best for preparing a vehicle for a car show. I do not buff out scratches, I do not clean underneath the hood, I do not clean wheel wells. My services are designed to provide a practical solution for general vehicle use. 

-A nearby electrical outlet

(I have a 50 foot extension cord).

-An outdoor water spigot.

(I have a 50 foot hose).


-Sunday 8am-6pm

​-Monday 8am-6pm​

Tuesday-Saturday 7am​

Tuesday-Saturday 6:15pm​


Please note the listed times are when the job would begin. It generally takes about 1-2 hours to complete a job.

Contact/Schedule Appointment:

-Click the button above or email to setup an appointment.


-Provide your address, the type of car, and a general idea of the job.


-Refer to my schedule below and give me a few different times that work for you.

**Not all listed times and dates are available.**


-We will send a confirmation email with the day and time we will come to you.


Car and SUV $180-$240

Vans and 3 row SUV $280-$320

-This pricing covers most circumstances.

- There could be an additional charge based on location. I generally serve Lexington, Concord, Maynard, and Stow.

- Dirty cars are part of the job, it is what I do and what I expect. That said, I will refuse health hazards. Examples of health hazards would be mold or the presence of heavy mouse droppings.

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